We’ve Been Booed!

We came home the other day to a cute surprise. Hanging on our door was a Halloween tote bag and in it was candy, cute socks, and even little plastic shot glasses, along with a sign and explanation for being “Booed”. We were really excited to see that someone in our neighborhood was carrying on a fun Halloween tradition, and we couldn’t wait to “Boo” someone else.

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What’s being “Booed”? It’s something we’ve seen in a few of our neighborhoods over the years during Halloween time, and it’s an easy way to share a little fun with the people around you. Put some Halloween goodies in a bag or bucket. It can be candy, treats, stickers, pencils, small toys or decorations…anything really, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Include an explanation of being “Booed” and put how many people they should “Boo” (usually 3). Get creative! I’ve seen cute poems and short stories that explain why they are getting treats! Here’s a quick poem you’re welcome to use:


Then you print off a sign that says “We’ve Been Booed!” for the recipients to put in their window. Here’s one you can use:


Now for the fun part. Sneak over to the chosen house, place the goodie bag on the door or porch, knock on the door, and quickly get out of sight. The recipient won’t know who “Booed” them and they get a cute surprise! They can now “Boo” other houses that don’t have a sign in the window. Before long, the neighborhood has a little Halloween cheer and you get the fun of treating someone to something sweet and unexpected!

It’s also a great way to do some random acts of kindness, if you want to take it further. Maybe include a gift card or easy meal kit for a family that’s been having a rough time. It’ll let them know someone cares without them feeling exposed or embarrassed. If the person you’re choosing has been sick, maybe include some soup packets, tissues, and tea. It gives your neighborhood a little more community feeling, and if you’re already close, it just reinforces that. These are the little things that really do make a difference.

What are some Halloween traditions for you? What are some of the fun things you do for the annual candy night? I’d love to hear how people celebrate everywhere! Happy Halloween!


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