The Cutest Popcorn Ever

Something I’ve found since creating and posting Popcorn Thursday recipes is that the variety can really be endless. There are so many toppings and add-ins, and popcorn is such a magnificent vehicle for flavor. But something I haven’t explored further is the actual popcorn variety. We’re used to buying the bags and jars of yellow or white popcorn in the store, but there are so many different types of popcorn, all with their own distinct qualities. So, I thought I’d highlight one I tried recently called Ladyfinger Popcorn.

Besides loving the name (doesn’t it just scream dainty?), I love the petite little kernels. It just might be the cutest popcorn ever, hence the name of this blog post. As for popping, treat it just the same as a standard yellow or white variety, like in my Classic Popcorn recipe. It pops up nice and fluffy-crisp, but with a much smaller nibble. It is also a little more tender, and the little pieces of hull didn’t seem to get stuck in my teeth as readily, which is the bane of any popcorn lover’s existence.


Since it is a smaller kernel, the toppings and add-ins can weigh it down, so I’d stick to recipes that feature spice blends, citrus zest, or dried herbs for seasoning. Of course, it is really tasty made Theater style, which is popped with a blend of coconut and vegetable oils, and topped with a buttery salt blend. Movie nights at home just got better.


If I haven’t convinced you just by description alone, you’ll just have to order a bag and give it a try. If not for the tender, almost hull-less kernels, try it for the novelty alone. Check local gourmet stores for this variety and others, or you can easily order it on Amazon. Then come back and tell me how cute (and tasty) it was. 



13 thoughts on “The Cutest Popcorn Ever

  1. Oh my gosh I had no idea teeny tiny popcorn existed! How fun!! And I love that the hulls aren’t as bad as traditional popcorn. That alone is worth giving it a try. I’m headed to Amazon ASAP

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