First Video and Aldi’s Haul

My daughters are starting school soon, tomorrow for one of them, if I’m being exact. It’s high school, and it’s scary. My youngest begins on Monday, and after a tough and kind of heartbreaking ending to her last school year, she’s very anxious about it. They are both doing scary things in their worlds. While it would be easy to encourage and reassure them verbally, I thought it would be more impactful if I did something scary too. I thought if I showed them that I could face my fears, it would bolster them and reassure them in a way that my words could not. So I faced a fear.

I made a video. With myself on the other side (the scary side) of the camera. And it was awful.

But my daughters LOVED it. And they were proud of me for doing something scary. It is a really good feeling when your kids are a little in awe of something you’ve done. It’s also a good feeling when you do something that terrifies you and you live to tell about it. 

While I can’t guarantee that I’ll get into the video making scene, I know I made at least one, and I made my kiddos proud. It makes the whole stomach knotting experience worth it. 

So here it is…my Aldi’s haul/first video. 

Go do something a little scary. Not dangerous, just a little scary. And know that wherever you are, I’m cheering you on, and I’m proud of you. Conquering fears, 2K15!


7 thoughts on “First Video and Aldi’s Haul

  1. Nicely done! Totally impressed with your deal, I was not expecting that total for all of those groceries. Way to conquer something super scary! 😀 ❤

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