Torch Your Breakfast!

Go ahead!  You have my permission! Torch away!

Okay, maybe I should clarify.  It’s probably not a good idea to torch your entire breakfast.  It would probably be inedible and you would not start your day off right.  You should, however, torch your grapefruit.  That would not be inedible.  That would be delicious.

Over the holidays, my Sister, Brother-in-Law and my nieces visited and there was food involved. Naturally.  During that visit, Brother-in-Law mentioned baking grapefruit and it reminded me of a recipe I saw a long time ago for grapefruit brulee.  Since citrus is at its peak right now, and very easy to find, I thought I’d revisit the concept and share it with all of you!

Which, okay, is probably about 7 of you.  Including my Mom and my Sister.  And my Husband. And my friend, Jess. Hi, Jess!

Either way, I’m still sharing because I think it is delicious, and I want you to have delicious things in your lives.

Take a look at this scrumptiousness:

Grapefruit Brulee

See why I wanted you to have this?  Breakfast, lunch or even a side dish for dinner.  It would be fabulous with grilled chicken, fish or veggies!  It’s really easy to make.  Here’s how:

Grapefruit Brulee 

4 Grapefruit, Ruby or Pink

2 T. Brown Sugar

2 T. Granulated Sugar

Cayenne Pepper (optional)

Preheat your broiler or get a mini torch ready.

Cut grapefruit in half around the “equator”.  Using a knife, cut around the edge of the fruit between the peel and the fruit, so it’s easier to eat.  You could also cut between the segments too, if you wish.

Combine the brown and granulated sugar.  Sprinkle on the grapefruit halves.

Take a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper and sprinkle just a little across the grapefruit halves as well.  You don’t have to use the cayenne, but it does add an interesting little kick.

Place grapefruits on a baking sheet that has been covered with foil.  It minimizes clean up and makes your life easier, since there will be caramelized sugar involved.

Broil grapefruits until sugar is bubbly and golden.  You can also do this with the mini blow torch.  Just be sure to stay close if using the broiler, because things can go from glorious to disastrous in just seconds.  Trust me.  I’ve personally discovered this truth.

Take out of the oven and let cool for a moment.  The sugar will be volcanic hot, so be careful. The roof of your mouth with thank you for waiting.  Then devour.

And just because, I will leave you with another version of the grapefruit brulee, just because I think it’s pretty!

Pastel Grapefruit


6 thoughts on “Torch Your Breakfast!

  1. Wonderfully done, my dear. Can’t wait to make this for breakfast. Your eye for fashion, furniture, decor, and photography is also something I can’t wait for you to share with the world.

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